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There is a rumor that Davy Crockett rode right by Chateau Dijon on his way to the Alamo, but we can assure you there is no truth to it. We do have a history, though. Chateau Dijon was built as the most upscale new apartment complex in 78209 back in 1966 and was converted to condominiums in 1978. According to a story that may well be true, no two of the 215 units were ever exactly alike. If this was not true in ’66, it definitely is today, after generations of owners have personalized and customized their homes to make them better reflect their changing lifestyles.

Back in 1978, condos were hardly common in San Antonio and the uniqueness of the amenities we offer within the village-like atmosphere of Alamo Heights immediately set us apart. Texans are generally people who love their homesteads and their land as much as they love their independence, and the interdependent, yet tremendously convenient way of living that condo life offers was new to the city back then. Fortunately, Chateau Dijon’s unbeatable location has always given residents here many advantages, and we soon attracted converts.

Today, we remain one of the most distinguished and desirable condo complexes in the area. Park your car at home. Walk to stores and restaurants. Get to know some of the best neighbors in town. In so many ways we make life not only a little easier but a lot more civilized as well. Add the convenience of being minutes away from the airport and easy access to downtown and major highways, and it really is hard to find a better location anywhere in San Antonio.

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